El Castell de Guadalest

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El Castell de Guadalest

El Castell de Guadalest is a village located in Alicante province. In 1974, it was declared a place of historical and artistic interest. Years after, it was named a historical heritage site. In 2015, it became part of “La asociación Los Pueblos más bonitos de España”.

El Castell de Guadalest

It is located on a hilltop which offers a natural defence and protection. It is one of the most visited villages in Spain with beautiful scenery, history and culture.

Cultural Heritage Site

In 1974, El Castell de Guadalest was declared a Historical Artistic Site and after, it was named a historical heritage site.


There are eight different museums to visit

Where to eat

El Castell de Guadalest offers its visitors a great variety of gastronomy. Our chefs will delight you with our traditional and national food which is very typical of this part of Alicante. "All i oli" rabbit, filled in peppers, baked vegetables, "L'olleta de blat" and other typical rice dishes prepared with natural products that will delight visitors. We must mention our desserts, given that in all of the restaurants you can sample all types of home made sweets and desserts.


Walking in the mountains

There are three beautiful walks in the area: around the reservoir, walking up the summit of Xortà mountain and walking up to another village called Castell de Castells.


Trade and commerce has a lot of importance for El Castell de Guadalest. A walk through our streets will offer visitors a great variety of shops to visit, they have all kinds of home made products, pottery, glass, embroidery, leather articles, etc. You can also find typical local products such as wine, honey, dried fruits, etc. All types of gifts can be found in the different shops and you can take a break in the bars and cafes, where you can sit and admire the beautiful views.

Tourist Information

El Castell de Guadalest is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain