La Manga

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La Manga

La Manga del Mar Menor, also known simply as La Manga, is a stunning summer vacation destination that attracts both local and international travellers. Nestled between two seas, the area is comprised entirely of beaches, including the western shore, where the warm waters of Europe's largest lagoon provide healing properties. The strip is also famous for its top-notch golf courses.

The Strip

La Manga del Mar Menor (or simply La Manga) is essentially a very long, narrow stretch of land forming a natural border between two seas - the Mediterranean and Mar Menor (or "small sea"), Europe's largest lagoon whose waters' temperatures almost never drop far below 18 °C. Much like other resort destinations, La Manga really comes to life in summer, when sun-kissed vacationers bring a pleasant buzz to the narrow strip. Averaging about 300 meters in width, La Manga is a land spit where one is never too far from the beach, and being a destination popular with visitors it also boasts quite some tourist infrastructure. Apart from golfing, active pursuits in the area - unsurprisingly - revolve around water. Sporting equipment is available for hire, and popular sports range from canoeing to jet skiing and kite-surfing. The spit's two most popular areas are Zoco and Plaza Bohemia, while Cape Palos to the south is the closest field trip destination on the mainland. The sleek Tomas Maestre Marina is another unmissable spot, a departure point for boat tours and simply a pleasant location for an afternoon stroll.

Do & See

The nearly 20 kilometer strip is the place to be for beach-goers and golders (Veneziola Golf enjoys rave reviewesy), but further pursuits await on the mainland. Cape Palos, Calblanque Park and Punta Brava make for good day-trips, while the closest big city is Cartagena - a historic port settlement with plenty to explore.


Quintessential La Manga cafes are the so-called "chiringuitos" - beach huts whose specialty is grilled fish (sardines cooked on a wood spit are rather typical). Another common local meal is the "caldero" - a rice dish cooked in flavourful fish broth, leaning almost more towards being a very thick soup than a main. The more classic variety of cafes with coffee and snacks dot the strip, too.

Bars & Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, the choice in La Manga is to be made between the areas of Zoco and Plaza Bohemia, or one of the many relaxing beach bars along the strip's two shores (if an evening on the quieter side is what you happen to be looking for). One would need to take a trip south (off the strip) to find some of La Manga's rowdier, club-type establishments, most featuring open-air terraces and some set directly by the water.


La Manga itself might not exactly fit the definition of shoppers' paradise, but its surrounding area certainly has some attention-worthy shopping spots - the Sunday market in Cabo de Palos, for example, is a good place to go head for bargains on foodstuffs and clothing, while the Dos Mares mall north of the strip is the place to go for brand-name shopping. In La Manga itself, stay on the High Street and look around Zoco for best shopping opportunities.

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